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  Commercial Service Pricing

All service specifications and pricing is custom for your specific location. We do not go off of rate charts. We take into consideration your particular location and conditions. Our evaluations ARE FREE.

  Residential Pest Control Service & Pricing – Compare Our Prices, Compare Our Experience

The most common pests of homes in the Pacific Northwest are rodents, ants and spiders.

These pests do not lend themselves to a "one-time treatment." There are no chemical applications that can be made that are safe for you and the environment and that are effective in eliminating and preventing the recurrence of these pests. There is a high probability that when these pest are present they will infest again. Mechanical devices and rodent stations need to be monitored on a periodic basis and chemicals used for insect control are designed to break down quickly and must be reapplied on some type of schedule.

For these pests we have designed a program called PREVENT-A-PEST. Prevent-a-Pest is designed especially for homes to eliminate and prevent rodents, ants and spiders. It is designed to be safe and effective. AND, IT IS ECONOMICAL.

Prevent-A-Pest includes an initial service and a follow service within 30 days. Thereafter, the service is every other month. This amounts to seven services for the year. Minimum pricing is as follows:

  Initial Service – $178
Initial service and one follow up   Routine Service – $68
Every month after first 30 day service

Sales tax is added as required by law. These are minimum pricing and there may be additional charges for very large or unusual situations. We base our pricing on the expectation of one year of service, however we do not require signed contracts and you are free to cancel at any time for any reason.

GOOD NEWS – There are no additional charges if return trips are necessary to eliminate pests between trips.

GOOD NEWS – If you are a routine residential customer there is no additional charge for needed service between scheduled visits and there are no additional charges for special services such as carpenter ants, wasps nests, fleas, roaches, silverfish, carpet beetles or other routine nuisance insects.

Note: Paratex reserves the right to change the pricing schedule with notification and to provide a custom schedule and pricing by negotiation with the customer. All customers will not qualify for minimum pricing. Bedbugs do require special pricing and procedures.

Applications for insects are made to the inside of the residential on the initial visit and thereafter only when necessary to eliminate a specific pest problem. We want to use the least amount of chemicals possible inside your home. Pest other than those listed above will be by custom quotation.

It is possible to have one-time treatments for certain pests; including fleas and wasps. Cockroach elimination requires two treatments at 30 day intervals. Bedbugs required an inspection to determine the proper treatment.