Originally, the fumigation division of Paratex was started as a ship supply business on the Seattle waterfront in 1908. The company was soon called to place sulfur pots in the holds of ships to eliminate residual rat populations from foreign ports.

Fumigation is the use of a gas instead of a liquid or dust pesticide. It is much more effective in eliminating the egg and larva stage of insects. It also has the advantage of not leaving a residual pesticide. Paratex is one of the few companies in the pacific Northwest with the licenses, insurance and experience to perform fumigations. We also have the only vacuum fumigation chamber available to the public in our area. This facility is used both for USDA import requirements and export requirements of certain goods to foreign countries. It is available to the general public for the fumigation of antiques with wood beetles, carpets with moths and general household goods.

Paratex also maintains a fumigation yard at the Port of Tacoma where we routinely fumigate containers, both for import and export. We have years of experience wording with USDA, the Washington State Department of Agriculture and various foreign governments to meet import/export requirements. We can also assist you with drayage to and from the various piers and transloading when required. We will help you find the most cost-effective and timely process to meet your requirements.

For information on scheduling fumigations contact Raffy Sanchez, our Fumigation coordinator at 800 542 1234 or email rsanchez@paratex.com.

The ultimate weapon against pests! Fumigation is the use of a GAS instead of liquid or dust pesticide to eliminate pests. It has the advantage of eliminating all stages of insects, including the eggs and larvae. It also has the advantage of leaving no residual pesticide on articles which have been fumigated. Fumigation can not be done by everyone. It requires special licenses, training and experience. It must be performed with exacting safety procedures. We will be happy to advise you if fumigation is appropriate for you.

Here are few sample pictures of places we've fumigated.

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