About Us

  Mission Statement

To eliminate the threat of pests from your life and please you in the process.

  Key Staff

We have a saying at Paratex, "If you want to be an associate get a job at Wal-Mart." We're all employees here and we work hard at being good ones— some of us for a very long time. We want employees to be individuals— not plastic job descriptions— in the same manner we honor and respect the diversity of our customers.


Jim Osborn - President and CEO
Email: jim@paratex.com

Ray Williamson - General Manager
Email: ray@paratex.com

Rafael "Raffy" Sanchez - Fumigation Coordinator
Email: rsanchez@paratex.com

Darrell Beetham - Corporate
Email: dbeetham@paratex.com

Terry Snider - Human Resources/Financial Manager
Email tsnider@paratex.com

  Highlights from Nearly 100 Years of Service

Paratex is a unique Pacific Northwest organization with a long history of continuous service. The fumigation service began in 1908 as a ship supplier was called to eliminate rats in the holds of ships arriving on Seattle's waterfront. During the Second World War a fumigation facility was built in Seattle's industrial district to fumigate cotton arriving from India. That original location serves as our headquarters today. The general pest control area started in the late '40s as a branch of a Los Angeles company which began in the mid '30s and took its name (Paramount Pest Control) from one of its first clients, Paramount Pictures.

Today our service is provided by local technicians across the state to a vast array of commercial and residential customers. We are still the major supplier of fumigation services, a leading innovator in pest bird solutions, and a consistent provider of the latest general pest control methods. We appreciate the vast local support of our "historical" Northwest company and we value our long-term friendships with customers and friends.


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