A recent video taken by Paratex Pest Control from a home in Seattle.
This tiny ant is one of the most common around Western Washington. It gets its name from the strong rotten coconut-like smell it gives off when crushed. These ants do not pose a health threat but they...
Cat fleas (the most common around homes) can jump up to 8 inches and as far as 19 inches. Relatively speaking a human would have to jump upward the length of a football field and forward about two and...
Rat mites are tiny parasites that live on rats and inside their nests and feed off rat blood. But sometimes, when they can't find rats to infest, they resort to making a meal out of the blood of human...
Even the rodents are happy this time of year at Paratex.
To all our customers and friends, thanks for your continued support and have a great new year.
It's GNARLY-TOOTHED, FOUR-LEGGED, BEADY-EYED, FUZZY-BELLIED SCURRIER - and, we have a lot of them in the Pacific Northwest.
Whatever your circumstances just ENJOY THE DAY!
While we have been trying very hard to capture a pink-eyed snout beetle and hold it still long enough to take a good picture it has been simply too fast for us - or anyone else for that matter. Hence,...
They claim the pink-eyed snout beetle is SO FAST it is almost impossible to take a picture. But, we will keep trying. We looked on the internet for something that seemed like what was described to us ...